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Sunday, 11 April 2010

The queen of couture.

Coco Chanel, fashion wouldn't be as important or as FABULOUS if it was not for her.
She made fashion what it is today and for that shes still one of history's most influential designers!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fun in the sun!

First thought, it's sunny 30 minutes to get washed and dressed.
Not much thought put into the outfit, first clean things i saw TBH. But overall i don't think i look THAT bad, well boy was i wrong. Just before walking out the door i get told i look like i got dressed in the dark! and that i just threw anything on ( well that part is true, after all i did) LOL

The thing my parents don't get is that i honestly don't care, i get thrills from being different. I would honestly have a heart attack if i saw somebody in something i was wearing. that why i like to mixed my outfit up with different brands, materials and styles.

VINTAGE is the way forward, then your sure to be only wearing something someone would have seen years back. SUN please keep shining, sun = happy days & happy hannah :)


Sam Harrington, a big influence in my life. He is actually the "SICKEST" guy i no ;)
This photo was taken at OUTLOOK reunion party, what a epic night. YOUNGSTA SMASHED IT! all i can say is BROCK OUT! My birthday was amazing thank you! my guys just a one away, you'll never meet anyone like him.
I love you bum.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

MAURICH, boutique.

I LOVE this hand made flower camisole, ideal for summer. Comes in a range of beautiful colors & 100% cotton. I think the 100% silk tie up straps makes this item very unique! This is defiantly next on my wish list! Maurich's theme is to "connect beauty with comfort" and i think she does it wonderfully. All her pieces are made in the UK, designed by her. The fabrics used are of the best quality!
Check out the website!


The Birthday Boy!

A Hollywood fancy dress party for the birthday boy, Perez Hilton.
Perez chose a carnival theme for his 32nd birthday and boy did people get in the spirit. Just to name a few snapped was Mel B as a saucy ring master, Leona Lewis as a sophisticated but stylish Clown and Katie perry who also came as a ring master a very sexy one to.

As a special surprise Katie also sung happy birthday whilst sitting on a huge elephant, ELEPHANT! Jesus could Hollywood get any more DRAMATIC!

VB, new collection.

Victoria was recently snapped at TSUM in moscow launching her new A/W 2010 collection. Wearing one of her own trench coats, she looks classy as ever. However I'm not quite sure about the whole 2002 school girl hoops?

Another fabulous pic of Victoria Beckham in Moscow wearing one of her black one shoulder numbers, topped of with louboutins!
She may not be one of the best singers but she defiantly one of the best dressed. She always keeps it simple, she proves sometimes less is more.


Ke$ha Fashion Disaster!

Ke$ha in Sydney-Australia on her way to a radio station. Surly she got dressed in the dark :/

Street Style.

I love his style, styling the granddad hat with a vintage style jumper.
Complete outfit from Selfridges. It proves fashion is now just as important to males as it is females.


Lindsey Lohan.

Bit to much leg on show for me!?
WOW, i love these! they have the same ones in Miss Selfridge, just not as pricey :)

Lindsey Lohan 6126 range of leggins! Addition to her new collection will be handbags designed by Paz Shakked Wolf.
I Love lindsey new collection! however i think there are a few pieces which are way to revealing, well for my style anyway.
Never the less, i can't wait for her bags, i'm sure well be in for a treat there.


My fav! PRINCESS, born to rule.



I LOVE a bit of VINTAGE! beyond retro, 1950 petticoat!


I do love summer, the time when the fur coats & boots go in and the MAXI'S come out!


A dear friend of mine strutted him stuff on the catwalk at LFW! since then his been seen in GQ, selfridges and even in a music video.
keep your eyes peeled, his the next big thing!


Bath Fashion Museum!

With FRA, we took a 4hr trip to bath well just for anyone thinking of going, WHAT A WASTE OF TIME. Okayy i love fashion and i love history, but not when you travel hours to get there and it takes max 20mins to look around. Jesus, the only fun part was the dressing up as you can see!


The best and worst feeling in the world, when you think you found it hold onto it so tight. You don't no if it will ever come round again.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hermes, you can't go wrong.

I'm prepared to wait a life time for this, just looking at it makes me dribble!

Some of my favorite things- Now, Voyager!

You can NEVER have to many cardi's :)

Some of my favorite things- Now, Voyager!


Some of my favorite things- Now, Voyager!

My boyfriends beautiful sister wearing her merchandise, don't tell me her knitted cake hair clip doesn't look adorable! Now, Voyager i need to make a trip down to your shop! When it comes to hair accessories, i like to treat myself!

Some of my favorite things- Now, Voyager!

Isn't this just BEAUTIFUL!

ONE, of my many NEEDS!

Some people, boys & parents in particular may think that i just want this ever so beautiful mulberry bag BUT this is were I'm going to correct use. Want is a very very very small word, i don't like to use. However NEED is the complete opposite. When a girl says she needs something, its as serious as life or death especially when it comes to FASHION. This is what keeps me going, expensive PRESENTS meaning i don't like to pay for them myself :)

no one, does fashion like TAVI!

Tavi Gevinson, does fashion and she does it good!