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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

if it anit purple, it anit for me.

Darina Pavlova ox

Where do i start, yess Darina Pavlova is a great friend of mine but she is also a wicked photographer and all good photographer should get recognition. so this is recognition from me.

Yes she is a posh trendy "hipster" from holborn, yes she has a slr and yes she knows how to use it.
Those bittys with expensive cameras do my head in, my view is: just because you have a expensive camera and you go out in shoreditch it does not make you a photographer, nor does it make you good at taking photos.

I feel the need to point out those who actually stand out, i love photography and would love to own a slr but the whole buttons and shutter speed ectttt gets to me and i freak out!

Darina was born to be a photographer, since she was a youtedem she owned a camera! and as she good older they got more expensive! Please check her photos out, shes seriously amazing and would recommend her to any one.

with love,
hannabella ox

Raindrops & Roses.

OKAYYY, so i haven't blogged in way to long. funny enough since i stopped my life starting going down hill, i think its quite therapeutic even though i'm talking to myself :D

Me and darina have started up a website making the cutest jewelery, this is not all of it but where just testing the water so far its been successful. If any of you fellow bloggers get a chance check our stuff out,

with love,
hannabella ox <3