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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

if it anit purple, it anit for me.

Darina Pavlova ox

Where do i start, yess Darina Pavlova is a great friend of mine but she is also a wicked photographer and all good photographer should get recognition. so this is recognition from me.

Yes she is a posh trendy "hipster" from holborn, yes she has a slr and yes she knows how to use it.
Those bittys with expensive cameras do my head in, my view is: just because you have a expensive camera and you go out in shoreditch it does not make you a photographer, nor does it make you good at taking photos.

I feel the need to point out those who actually stand out, i love photography and would love to own a slr but the whole buttons and shutter speed ectttt gets to me and i freak out!

Darina was born to be a photographer, since she was a youtedem she owned a camera! and as she good older they got more expensive! Please check her photos out, shes seriously amazing and would recommend her to any one.

with love,
hannabella ox

Raindrops & Roses.

OKAYYY, so i haven't blogged in way to long. funny enough since i stopped my life starting going down hill, i think its quite therapeutic even though i'm talking to myself :D

Me and darina have started up a website making the cutest jewelery, this is not all of it but where just testing the water so far its been successful. If any of you fellow bloggers get a chance check our stuff out,

with love,
hannabella ox <3

Sunday, 11 April 2010

The queen of couture.

Coco Chanel, fashion wouldn't be as important or as FABULOUS if it was not for her.
She made fashion what it is today and for that shes still one of history's most influential designers!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fun in the sun!

First thought, it's sunny 30 minutes to get washed and dressed.
Not much thought put into the outfit, first clean things i saw TBH. But overall i don't think i look THAT bad, well boy was i wrong. Just before walking out the door i get told i look like i got dressed in the dark! and that i just threw anything on ( well that part is true, after all i did) LOL

The thing my parents don't get is that i honestly don't care, i get thrills from being different. I would honestly have a heart attack if i saw somebody in something i was wearing. that why i like to mixed my outfit up with different brands, materials and styles.

VINTAGE is the way forward, then your sure to be only wearing something someone would have seen years back. SUN please keep shining, sun = happy days & happy hannah :)


Sam Harrington, a big influence in my life. He is actually the "SICKEST" guy i no ;)
This photo was taken at OUTLOOK reunion party, what a epic night. YOUNGSTA SMASHED IT! all i can say is BROCK OUT! My birthday was amazing thank you! my guys just a one away, you'll never meet anyone like him.
I love you bum.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

MAURICH, boutique.

I LOVE this hand made flower camisole, ideal for summer. Comes in a range of beautiful colors & 100% cotton. I think the 100% silk tie up straps makes this item very unique! This is defiantly next on my wish list! Maurich's theme is to "connect beauty with comfort" and i think she does it wonderfully. All her pieces are made in the UK, designed by her. The fabrics used are of the best quality!
Check out the website!