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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fun in the sun!

First thought, it's sunny 30 minutes to get washed and dressed.
Not much thought put into the outfit, first clean things i saw TBH. But overall i don't think i look THAT bad, well boy was i wrong. Just before walking out the door i get told i look like i got dressed in the dark! and that i just threw anything on ( well that part is true, after all i did) LOL

The thing my parents don't get is that i honestly don't care, i get thrills from being different. I would honestly have a heart attack if i saw somebody in something i was wearing. that why i like to mixed my outfit up with different brands, materials and styles.

VINTAGE is the way forward, then your sure to be only wearing something someone would have seen years back. SUN please keep shining, sun = happy days & happy hannah :)

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